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This is a popular Italian cocktail and aperitif which originated in Venice. I had heard so much about it, so when we went to Italy a few years ago, I knew I had to try it. In that sweltering heat, this was the perfect and most refreshing way to cool down. It’s not too sweet and the slightly bitter taste from the orange bitters helps to balance the drink.

With summer around the corner, this is the perfect drink to help cool you down!

To make this drink you will need: lots of ice, Aperol, prosecco and soda water!

  1. Fill your glass, almost all the way to the top, with ice.

  2. Add equal amounts of Aperol and prosecco (I usually do 3 oz of each), and then a splash of soda water (1 oz).

  3. Stir gently, add some orange slices, and enjoy!


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