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my story

Hi, I'm Shiro! I'm a foodie and photographer. Being in the kitchen and playing with food has always given me peace and joy. Growing up, I often helped my mom in the kitchen, and was addicted to watching The Food Network. Being in the kitchen and experimenting with different dishes and flavours soon became a creative outlet and form of wellness for me. There's nothing quite as comforting as making something from scratch, and then getting to indulge in the fruits of your own labour.


During the pandemic, I began taking photos of what I was cooking and shared them on Instagram. I was, for the most part, sharing healthy twists on comforting classics. They were easy, approachable and quick to make- perfect for weeknight dinners.  Soon after, I had people asking me about the recipes, and before I knew it, I started my own food page on Instagram. Food photography and blogging quickly grew into a passion of mine. 

And that's where Honey, Let's Eat began!​

Now, almost a year later, I've decided to launch my website, so that you, too, can watch me play with food.

get in touch!

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